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A New Partnership is Formed to Bring the Best Warehouse, Storage and Handling Equipment Solutions to the UK Market

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A New Partnership is Formed to Bring the Best Warehouse, Storage and Handling Equipment Solutions to the UK Market

The Ferretto Group SpA and UK storage solutions specialists, System Store Solutions Ltd have recently confirmed a business partnership to supply and install the very latest systems designed and manufactured by the Ferretto Group for large-scale warehouse storage and automation systems.


The Ferretto Group are renowned globally for their expertise in large-scale goods handling and storage answers, with their key brands; Armes©, Promag© and Bertello© being recognised across Europe for premier quality and Italian design for almost 60 years now. The Ferretto Group is also highly respected for their own corporate message of competence, experience, competitiveness and excellence in service, which has gained them global recognition from industry, with new markets recently being opened in the Middle East and Africa.


Their worldwide presence with joint ventures and the set up of their own companies in countries such as India and China is confirmation of their consolidated growth path and pursuit of excellence in the logistics market. This together with a long-lasting financial equity has made the Ferretto Group achieve the Rating 1. (Best Financial Rating) by the world-renowned company D&B (Dunn & Bradstreet).


The UK market has been a very important part of the company’s growth plans and the opportunity of working with the UK’s leading specialists System Store Solutions was welcomed by the firm.


“I am really very pleased to be able to work with System Store Solutions and their team and I look forward to a successful future with many years of cooperation,” said Carlo Fenati Export ManagerFerretto Group.


In the 15 years that System Store Solutions have been trading they have established themselves as one of the UK’s leading storage solution specialists, not only through the supply of high quality equipment, but more so because of their exactness in the consultation, design and installation process, with a high quality customer service being at the heart of their business ethos.


These high standards of delivery has resulted in the company providing on going storage solutions for their clients across all UK industry sectors, especially those where the highest standard of design and finish are a prerequisite for their business operations; such as within Formula 1, with the likes of Red Bull Technologies and Williams F1. Installations within aerospace for Rolls Royce and the recent BAE Systems revolutionary F35 fighter production line site development right through to the automotive industry where bespoke equipment has been made for the likes of the BMW’s engine production facility.


System Store Solutions is constantly expanding on the level of products and services they offer their clients, in-line with their clients own growing needs, and sourcing the very best in large-scale storage and handling system solutions is at the centre of the company’s developmental plans.


Speaking on the partnership. M.D. David Price said  “I wanted us to expand into the delivery of high quality warehouse storage solutions within the UK across all sectors and found the Ferretto Group meet our exacting criteria perfectly. We feel that the Armes© range is a perfect fit, and our growing relationship with the Ferretto Group means we can respond to our customers’ needs whatever the size, and across all industry sectors. I look forward to a long and prosperous partnership with the Ferretto Group,” commented David


For the UK market, System Store Solutions will initially be focusing on the Armes© product line for their customers, as the perfect door opener to more complex solutions. The Armes© range comprises of Pallet Racking, single Shelving Systems and multi-tiers solutions. With Long-span, Cantilever and Mezzanine floors and also included in this product line-up are compact mobile storage systems.


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